No Game No Life – Series Review

Awwww~~ It’s the really best Anime series I have ever watched >.< And also this review is pretty good. Shiro is always the queen of my heart ♛ ❤



Sora and Shiro are a pair of gamers that collectively go by the name Blank, and Blank never loses. Because of this they have become quite bored and are slightly interested when they are challenged to a game of chess. On winning the game they get asked it they want to go to a world where games decide everything. They answer yet and then find themselves literally hurtling toward Disboard, the world of games, and Tet, the god of this world, is explaining the rules (or ten pledges) to them. From there, they set themsleves the goal of winning every game and being able to challenge Tet again.


I recently watched No Game No Life again because I managed to convince someone it was an anime worth watching (they have a fairly long list of deal breakers when it comes to anime including anything with a high-school setting…

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